Synopsis For a Novel (Writing)

For whatever reason I decided to check my Wattpad notifications today, even though I hardly do anything but update the one short story I have in progress on there. I'm glad I did, because I had a message from somebody telling me about a writing contest on a website they worked for. The theme is "Girl Power", and instead of writing a fantasy or sci-fy type novel with a heroine who saves the day from aliens or something, I decided to tackle a very real issue in the form of realistic fiction.

I'll be tweeting small updates about how it's coming along on my twitter, so if that's something you'd be interested in keeping up with you can follow me over there. But for now I'm going to post a small synopsis of the book. Keep in mind this is more just me throwing my thoughts onto a word document so it's not very polished, but I thought it was worth a blog post about. I don't have a title and the main character's name is a work in progress, but I have the general plot pretty much down. It's going to require some research but I feel like it will be a worthwhile novel to write.


The main character of the book is sexually assaulted in high school. She takes a few years (at least 2) to say anything to anybody, and by that time she’s told she can’t press charges because of the statute of limitations. She gives up on it, and spends all of high school trying to convince herself that it was okay. Years later she’s in college majoring in criminal justice and someone close to her (sorority sister?) has a similar thing happen where an unwanted advance was made and it was essentially sexual assault. this spurs the main character to form a movement much more powerful than #MeToo. She wants to change how the justice system views sexual assault. she thinks it’s already too late for her case, which happened years and years ago. She talks to lawyers and becomes a big presence online with her mission, and essentially works her friend’s case up to the supreme court in an attempt to change the punishments for sexual assault to something more severe than a slap on the wrist. maybe she becomes an attorney in the process? (i haven’t thought that far ahead yet.)