Izukake! (Baking)

Hey y’all!
Today, July 15th, is a special someone’s birthday, and it’s a tradition of my friend and I’s to bake this someone a cake.

That’s why this is our third year in a row of baking a cake for Izuku Midoriya — yes, the anime protagonist of My Hero Academia. 

It’s become a tradition for this friend and I. We hang out, we bake home a cake (or a few) and usually draw something to go along with it. This year, though, we made 3 smaller cakes instead of our normal big one. 

This is her cake:

And these are my two:

My friend's cake was vanilla dyed green (which sounds gross, but trust me it was good! It was pastel green too so it didn't look gross or anything.) and mine were both chocolate. The icing is regular vanilla with whatever store brand colored icings we could get for the cheapest price. And we used paintbrushes for the drawings of Izuku on the cakes!

Overall, it was a fun time, and the cakes get better looking and better tasting each year.