“i am > i was” Review

This was a series of my thoughts on 21 Savage's Album "i am > i was", released back in December. These were originally a series of tweets; but I thought since I'm doing reviews of movies on here I might as well include reviews of music that I listen to as well, so here are my unedited first impressions of this album from over six months ago.


i am > i was ratings

a lot 
  • chorus is a little annoying and too long but the verses are really solid
  • beat is decent 
  • a little long, ending falls a little flat
overall: 7/10

break da law
  • beat is kinda bad, kinda annoying
  • bars aren’t bad, second half is better in terms of rhyme and flow
  • the middle part when the annoying techno treble part of he backbeat stops is good 
  • the... breathing part makes me uncomfortable. where it’s just muffled panting 
overall: 7/10

  • beat gets on my nerves
  • i feel like every rapper has a song about ass and titties and it feels overused 
  • so are mentions of Fashion Nova, like okay we get it thanks g
  • i really cant get over how annoying the backbeat is
  • the girl’s bars are trash
overall: 2/10

out for the night
  • i fucking love the beginning with the guitar and sword slash noise
  • sounds just kinda like every other 21 song though
  • chorus part is good though? i like the throwback to FaceTime. it’s the part just before the chorus and it starts with an r but i can’t remember the word for it
overall: 9/10

gun smoke
  • what the hell is this beat? seems like it was trying to be spooky but it lasts too long and it’s not good
  • when the song actually starts it’s not that bad though
  • chorus is repetitive 
  • beat is still a little annoying
  • good bars
overall: 6/10

  • interesting intro beat
  • oh shit i fw this beat actually 
  • Offset is in it
  • i love the bars? this one is good
  • i like the chorus too, although it sounds a lot like the chorus of a lot in the sense that he sings high and low alternating on different sides of the headphones 
  • beat reversal at the end with the recorder throws me off
overall: 9/10

all my friends 
  • i love the beat and the bars even though it’s not 21
  • 21’s bars are good too, even though he uses the 12 car garage line again 
  • fuck i love this chorus and whoever is featured on this i have to find out
  • okay it’s Post Malone i figured
  • my favorite so far
overall: 10/10

can’t leave without it
  • i like the piano in the intro 
  • features Lil Baby and Gunna (why doesn’t he credit any of his features?)
  • good flow
  • cash in n cash out (i am not lookin for clout)
overall: 6/10

ball w/o you
  • beat is cool
  • the lyrics about love and loyalty are really fucking good
  • actually all of the lyrics are pretty good. it seems deeper than most of 21’s stuff
  • the auto tune part threw me off,  don’t like it at all. it’s short though 
overall: 7/10

good day
  • harsh (if you can describe a song as harsh), rough
  • his voice is really forceful in this song 
  • the features seem to be really small name rappers because i’ve never heard of them and their verses aren’t really that good so it’s not worth writing their names down 
  • the chorus is kinda bad tbh, repetitive like a lot of this album is
overall: 4/10

pad lock
  • chill beat i like it
  • good rhymes, flow is alright 
  • chorus does a lot of that repeating thing 
overall: 5/10

  • childish gambino is on this one!
  • idk how i feel about the beginning with the high voices and “yeah”s
  • jesus christ i love gambino
  • the beat is actually really good
  • gambino has really fucking good bars
  • 21’s are good too damn 
  • the theme is pretty good too ngl 
  • the beat change goddamn?? the kids screaming is a little weird though 
overall: 7/10, 8/10 if the screaming was gone 

letter 2 my momma
  • hm? - my initial thought 
  • i love when rappers pay homage to their moms like this it’s really cool and sweet
  • “i’m still your baby even though i got a child too” got me
  • “ma you never left my side and i thank you” fuck this is good
  • these lyrics are so good
  • “you the best mama i could ever have”
  • makes me happy inside
overall: 10/10

  • bars are decent
  • i like the whistling sound in the background 
  • mimicking gunshots has never done it for me i don’t like it
  • i’m too lazy to look up who’s featured on this but his bars aren’t bad
  • i don’t have much else to say. it’s a decent song. 
  • i like “malcolm might get killed in the middle”
overall: 7/10

overall average for album: