Excerpt From a Short Story (Writing)

I thought I'd share one of the "chapters" (they're more like parts) of a short story I'm writing on Wattpad called "you've got mail", which can be found at this link.


Katie really didn't care for how this guy avoided her questions but wanted to know a myriad of things about her. She chalked it up to the fact that since he was in Newspaper that he was probably the one that was used to asking the questions, but still, he liked to pick and choose what parts of her email to respond to.
She sipped on her coffee as she thought about a response. It didn't really seem like a bad idea to tell this guy about her extracurricular. It wasn't like he was going to ask her anything that was truly personal, and if he did for whatever reason it wasn't like she had to answer it. With a shrug, she began to type her reply.

To: exampleemail123@aol.com
From: katiereynolds44@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Hello Again
I used to play tennis, but I stopped this past year so I could focus more on applying to college and scholarships and all of that good stuff. Did you ever play any sports or anything?