Easy Oven Roasted Carrots Recipe

My first semester of college just wrapped up (I have to take my math final this Friday but I took a really easy math class so I'm not worried about it), and I'm still working full time at my two jobs.
Speaking of, I quit my old job at the grocery store and got a new one at a high-ish class restaurant as a hostess/waitress. This week, between both places, I'm working 50 hours.
Anyway, during the last few weeks my boyfriend and I have started eating a little healthier since the two of us have gained some weight in the last few months. One of the first things we cooked that I got from my mom is this super easy baked carrots recipe! It's gluten free, diary free, and keto friendly, of course.
Ingredients1lb of carrots1.5-2 Tbs olive oil1 tsp parsley flakes0.5 tsp coarse saltDirections Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.Cut the carrots into small-to-medium chunksToss them with the olive oil, parsley, and saltBake them in the oven for 30 minutesAnd that's it! Seriously. This rec…

Synopsis For a Novel (Writing)

For whatever reason I decided to check my Wattpad notifications today, even though I hardly do anything but update the one short story I have in progress on there. I'm glad I did, because I had a message from somebody telling me about a writing contest on a website they worked for. The theme is "Girl Power", and instead of writing a fantasy or sci-fy type novel with a heroine who saves the day from aliens or something, I decided to tackle a very real issue in the form of realistic fiction.

I'll be tweeting small updates about how it's coming along on my twitter, so if that's something you'd be interested in keeping up with you can follow me over there. But for now I'm going to post a small synopsis of the book. Keep in mind this is more just me throwing my thoughts onto a word document so it's not very polished, but I thought it was worth a blog post about. I don't have a title and the main character's name is a work in progress, but I have…

DokiDoki Insert (Art)

I did a little experiment with an anime art style and drew myself as a doki doki lierature club character! I haven’t drawn in an anime/manga style in a long time so i’m kind of re-learning it. 

Excerpt From a Short Story (Writing)

I thought I'd share one of the "chapters" (they're more like parts) of a short story I'm writing on Wattpad called "you've got mail", which can be found at this link.


Katie really didn't care for how this guy avoided her questions but wanted to know a myriad of things about her. She chalked it up to the fact that since he was in Newspaper that he was probably the one that was used to asking the questions, but still, he liked to pick and choose what parts of her email to respond to. She sipped on her coffee as she thought about a response. It didn't really seem like a bad idea to tell this guy about her extracurricular. It wasn't like he was going to ask her anything that was truly personal, and if he did for whatever reason it wasn't like she had to answer it. With a shrug, she began to type her reply.
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Hello Again

Chibi Commission (Art)

I really liked this commission I did for a reddit user so I thought I’d post it! They wanted a Dollar Doodle but wanted 2 characters interacting, so the result was this simple little $5 drawing:

Izukake! (Baking)

Hey y’all!
Today, July 15th, is a special someone’s birthday, and it’s a tradition of my friend and I’s to bake this someone a cake.

That’s why this is our third year in a row of baking a cake for Izuku Midoriya — yes, the anime protagonist of My Hero Academia. 

It’s become a tradition for this friend and I. We hang out, we bake home a cake (or a few) and usually draw something to go along with it. This year, though, we made 3 smaller cakes instead of our normal big one. 

This is her cake:

And these are my two:

My friend's cake was vanilla dyed green (which sounds gross, but trust me it was good! It was pastel green too so it didn't look gross or anything.) and mine were both chocolate. The icing is regular vanilla with whatever store brand colored icings we could get for the cheapest price. And we used paintbrushes for the drawings of Izuku on the cakes!
Overall, it was a fun time, and the cakes get better looking and better tasting each year.

“i am > i was” Review

This was a series of my thoughts on 21 Savage's Album "i am > i was", released back in December. These were originally a series of tweets; but I thought since I'm doing reviews of movies on here I might as well include reviews of music that I listen to as well, so here are my unedited first impressions of this album from over six months ago.


i am > i was ratings
a lot chorus is a little annoying and too long but the verses are really solidbeat is decent a little long, ending falls a little flatoverall: 7/10
break da law beat is kinda bad, kinda annoyingbars aren’t bad, second half is better in terms of rhyme and flowthe middle part when the annoying techno treble part of he backbeat stops is good the... breathing part makes me uncomfortable. where it’s just muffled panting overall: 7/10
a&t beat gets on my nervesi feel like every rapper has a song about ass and titties and it feels overused so are mentions of Fashion Nova, like okay we get it thank…